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Application Of Synrad CO2 Laser - Laser Marking Of Polypropylene Ring

The use of Synrad CO2 laser to mark polypropylene material does not change colors, but its surface will slightly sink, and be different from around. This embossed marking method can produce clear signs. The signs can be seen in some angles, so this method is suitable for date code, serial number, part number, and so on, which do not need to be too conspicuous in daily use, but can be easily read when needed.

Laser marking of polypropylene materials can produce permanent markings. The markings are unlike traditional ink printing and labeling, which can be used for marking perpetual information.

For this application, there is a test. It is supposed to mark a filtered polypropylene ring in an air purifier, which requires a 7 digit permanent identification code. The Synrad CO2 laser marking can fully meet the application requirements. This method is more environmentally friendly than the other traditional marking methods.

In the test, we use a Synrad 100 W CO2 laser and a marking head, and have a focus lens with a 200 mm focal length, all of which are controlled by the laser marking software. Under such a configuration, the spot size of 290 mm(0.011”) can be obtained on the material surface. In the software, the text is set to 3.8 mm (0.15 "), the font is the default Simple font; power is set to 100 W; velocity is set to 1016 millimeters per second (40 IPS). After setting up, the marking time required for each character of 7 characters is only 140 milliseconds (MS).
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