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The Soul of Laser Marker—— Kr lamp

Laser is one of the greatest inventions of mankind in the 20th century. It has been widely used in industry, military, scientific research and daily life. Laser has four characteristics: high monochromaticity, directivity, coherence and brightness. The four inherent characteristics of lasers are used. It has high energy density and can be focused into small space, which are called laser processing. Laser processing technology is an advanced technology which integrates optics, electromechanics, materials and detection. Laser processing mainly involves: laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking, laser engraving and so on. Nowadays, many advanced technologies are used in general laser processing, such as high multi-function integration, strong practicability, high automation, simple operation, intuitive results, and dynamic synchronous tracking display can be realized in the process of processing. It has the functions of automatic diagnosis of program errors and limit protection.

However, there are many important parts in laser marking machine. There is only one soul of laser marking machine. That is kr lamp. The use method of kr lamp is extremely important. First, turn off the water cooler and laser power. It is related to the service life of krypton lamp, so it is important to turn off the laser power before using it. Secondly, open the three cavity caps on the upper part of the laser marking machine, take out the crystal inside, and install the cavity cap. At this time, the water cooler and the laser power supply will adjust the current of the laser power supply to (15-20) A or so. At this time, the kr lamp efficiency value can have good effect. Finally, a small piece of wood is placed between the front diaphragm and the beam expander. At this time, the spot formed by laser ablation can be seen. If there is no facula, slightly adjust the three knobs of the front diaphragm holder until the spot appears.  After the laser is debugged, the three knobs of the front diaphragm rack should be adjusted repeatedly to make the spot become strongest and the light source become strongest, and the power supply of the laser should be turned off after completion. The kr lamp of laser marking machine is used step by step, which greatly improves the efficiency of laser marking machine.
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