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The Protection Of The 100 Reflective Mirror Of The Laser Cutting Machine

When we use the laser cutting machine, we will encounter the problem of reflective mirror contamination. This pollution is inevitable. How should we reduce the life of the 100 reflective mirror?
The increase of laser wavelength absorption by the mirrors will cause the reflection of the mirrors, and the refractive index changes. The uneven distribution of the laser power when the laser wavelength is transmitted or reflected on the high absorption mirrors makes the center temperature of the lens became higher and the edge temperature of it became lower. This change is called the mirror effect in the optical.

Due to the high absorption of mirrors caused by pollution, the heating effect of the 100 reflective mirror will cause many problems. The problem of the irreversible thermal stress of the mirror substrate will be caused; the power loss will be caused by the beam through the mirrors; the partial movement of the focusing point position will be caused; the premature damage of the coating layer will be caused. All of these can do the damage to the 100 reflective mirror. For the lenses exposed in the air, when we do cleaning work, we often do not follow the requirements and attention of the 100 reflective mirrors. The results will cause new pollution or even scratch the mirrors, causing irreparable loss.
Therefore, according to experience, it is concluded that no matter which kind of 100 reflective mirror, the most important thing is to clean the mirrors carefully to reduce or remove the pollution caused by human factors. Such as fingerprints and spittle. As a common sense, when the optical system is operated by hand, the cleaning, remove, and installation of the system should be carried with medical glove. The requirements and precautions to follow the cleaning lens should always be maintained.I n the cleaning process, only the specified materials, such as optical paper, cotton swabs and reagent grade ethanol, can be used. The simple cleaning, remove and installation of any mirror will cause the life of the mirrors to be shortened or even permanently damaged. Therefore, we should be careful to prevent the lens from being polluted by other reasons, such as moisture, smoke, dust and so on. After determining the contamination of a reflective mirror, we need to blow the mirror with a washing ear ball until there are no particles on the surface. Never blow the mirror with your mouth. Because most of the blown air contains oil and water, it will further the pollution.

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