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Research And Development Of Discolouring Nano-meter Laser Machine By Scientists

It is reported that scientists have developed a new type of nano-meter laser machine by the inspiration of nature which can use the nano-mechanics to change the colors like chameleon.

The changes colors by controlling the spacing between nano-crystals on its skin. In a similar method, the new type of nano-meter laser machine can change the color by controlling the periodic distribution of the metal nano-particles on the extensible polymer matrix. The extensible polymer matrix can increase the distance between the nano-particles by stretching, or shorten the distance between them by contraction. Then it can change the wavelength of the laser, thus changing the colors of the light, which is emitted by the laser.
Teri W. Odom, a professor at Northwestern University, said: " Therefore, by stretching and releasing elastic substrates, we can choose the colors of the emitted light at will." 

Through the optical feedback mechanism of hybrid quadrupole plasmon, nano-meter laser machine can maintain high mode quality. By increasing the size of metal nano-particles in the array, researchers at the Northwestern University have introduced high split screen lattice plasma resonance technology, which has lateral strain resistance and plane formula type charge oscillation.

The researchers carried out a semi quantitative simulation to demonstrate the laser aggregation at the mixed quadrupole electromagnetic hot spots, thus realizing the mechanical modulation of the interaction of nano-scale light material. By arranging the metal nano-particles into an elastic plate encircled by the liquid, the researchers realized a reversible, tunable nano-meter laser with a high strain sensitivity.

The discoloration capability of nano-meter laser machine, as well as other properties, can further promote the development of flexible optical displays of smart phones and TV sets, wearable photonic devices and technology of measuring hypersensitive sensor.
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