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Max Fiber Laser: Development and Challenge

Max fiber laser technology is one of the hottest research directions in the field of Optoelectronics at home and abroad in recent years, especially in the field of laser technology. After nearly 30 years of research, this technology has made rapid development, and has been widely used in industry, medical treatment, scientific research, military and national defense and other fields.

From the perspective of the development trend of laser technology, optical fiber laser technology represents the development direction of high power and high brightness laser. It integrates waveguide optical fiber technology and semiconductor laser pumping technology organically. Max fiber laser has outstanding advantages such as good beam quality, high efficiency, easy heat dissipation, compact structure and flexible operation. The continuous output of single fiber laser with all-fiber structure based on cladding pumping and fiber amplification technology has reached tens of thousands of watts.

At present, max fiber laser has been widely used in laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding and other laser manufacturing fields. The annual growth rate of market share has reached more than double digits for several consecutive years, and it has become the main force in the field of advanced laser manufacturing. At the same time, high power fiber laser has shown good prospects and application potential in the test of laser defense system on vehicle and ship.

In a word, max fiber laser technology is expected to meet the urgent needs of high power and high efficiency lasers in the fields of advanced laser manufacturing and military defense in the 21st century. It is a frontier technology with important strategic significance to national economy and national security. Max fiber laser also shows great potential in energy exploration, large scientific devices, space science, environmental science and other fields. It will become a powerful tool for human to understand and transform the world.
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