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Laser: "Small but Large"

As an advanced processing tool, laser has played an increasingly important role in industrial production. Laser technology itself is constantly developing and improving. With the advantages of processing quality, processing complexity, processing efficiency and clean environment protection, laser technology is not only popular in the processing of stainless steel, copper, alloy and other metal materials, but also outstanding in the processing of glass, ceramics, sapphire, semiconductor silicon wafer, PCB board and other non-metallic materials.

It is a fast working laser cutting and welding equipment, a 3-D printing equipment which is formed by melting and accumulating materials, and a laser marking equipment which can accurately depict various patterns. The key to the omnipotence of equipment manufacturing is naturally the laser which is "small but large".

With the continuous development of automobile, electronics and industrial manufacturing, new technologies, new materials and new applications emerge in endlessly. For example, precision laser cutting technology is indispensable in the processing of smart phone Home keys, glass cover, conductive glass, volume holes, TFT LCD screen, stainless steel frame, flexible printed circuit board, back cover, and other film materials and brittle materials. In addition, laser drilling, gluing, film sticking, marking, deburring and other technologies are also constantly applied to these bright smartphone manufacturing.

In the future, laser research and development will move towards all-solid-state, high power, high beam quality, quotient reliability and low cost. Semiconductor lasers, semiconductor-pumped solid-state lasers and max fiber lasers will become the mainstream of laser development.
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