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Laser Power Meter

1. Introduction

Laser power meter is a kind of thermoelectric laser power meter, which has the characteristics of wide spectrum response range, high measurement precision and convenient use. It is widely used in medical field, laser production and laser technology application. It is obvious that more and more laser power meter is for sale in market.

2. The Structure And Working Principle

The laser power meter consists of two main parts, a power probe and an amplifier. It has a thermoelectric structure. The thermal absorption surface of the power meter transforms the incident laser beam into thermal energy. Then it radiates the heat to water solubility cooling fluid to achieve the heat balance. At the same time, the laser power meter can estimate the  temperature gradient of the thermopile on the endothermic surface, and calculate the laser power according to the thermodynamic formula.

3. Main Technical Indicators

Wavelength range: (0.3-15) mm

Measurement range: (1-2000) W

Uncertainty: 2%

Display: liquid crystal display

4. Use Of Operation Method

Firstly, make the inlet and outlet of the laser power meter connected with the cooling water pipe respectively. (To ensure the service life of the instrument, the deionized water is suggested to be used as a circulating water source) Then open the cooling water source. It is supposed to place the laser power meter in the light path of the laser beam. After that, adjust the position of the probe so that the optical axis of the power meter is coaxial with the optical path, and the incident laser is aligned with the center position of the probe. Next, connect the amplifier and the probe with the connection line, open the power meter power switch. After 10~20 minutes of preheating, according to the estimated value of the laser power intensity, select the measuring gear and adjust the front panel of the power meter amplifier to zero value. The laser beam is injected into the center of the probe. After the display value of the power meter is balanced (the response time of the power meter is about 20s), the display value is the laser power value to be measured. If the spillover signal is displayed in the 200Wgear (acoustooptic alarm), it shows that the power of the laser beam is more than 200W. Besides, the power measurement file should be switched to the 2000W gear at this time, so that the actual laser power can be displayed.

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