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Laser Marking Machine Can Mark LOGO Of Mobile Phones

In the era of electronic information in twenty-first Century, mobile phones are becoming more and more indispensable in our daily life. Mobile phones play a more and more important role in the mobile terminal market. It can be seen that the future of the mobile phone market will be wider. With the continuous change of consumer's concept of consumption, correspondingly, the demand for mobile phone manufacturing industry is getting higher and higher. Many smart phone companies with famous brand are very strict on the LOGO technique of the phone fuselage shell. Even the the power adapter, headphones, and LOGO of mobile power sources use the laser marking machine for marking and processing to achieve the best effect.


Metal is a kind of popular material. In recent years, many manufacturers generally use a whole metal backplane, including Apple, HTC and others. Usually, most models will be properly designed to improve the texture with the metal frame by aluminum alloy.
Advantages: excellent texture and good heat dissipation effect.
Disadvantages: the thermal conductivity of metal may make the mobile phone hot and affect the handle. People may be scratched easily.


Most parts of the eraly cell phone shells are made of plastic. And the plastic material used on the shell of the mobile phones is usually polycarbonate. These phones are including the LG-G series, the NOKIA (Microsoft) Lumia and the Samsung S5, all of which are the mainstream plastic shells.
Advantages: no obstructing of signals, low cost.
Disadvantages: poor texture, ordinary heat dissipation effect.


Ceramic material has become a rising star of mobile phone backplane in recent years. In September this year, Xiaomi Company released MIX2. According to professional market research, ceramic material is gradually becoming the competitive edge tool of high-end consumer electronic differentiation. It is expected that the market space of smart phone ceramic backplane will reach 11.6 billion yuan by 2018.
Advantages: no electromagnetic shielding, obvious advantages in integrated fuselage and 5G era; beautiful, wearable and good heat dissipation effect.
Disadvantages: low rate of finished products, high cost.

No matter what kind of materials, laser marking machine can leave a clear and beautiful product logo on the backplane of mobile phones. In the mobile phone industry, Suntec Laser marking machine has been in the leading level for many years. It has been complying with the market demand to launch a number of online laser marking machines, the new online products of which are very popular with many manufacturers as soon as being introduced.

The advantages of Suntec laser marking machine are mainly as follows:
  • Marks are permanent, and anti fake effect is obvious; laser spurting code technology can effectively prevent counterfeit product marks;
  • Laser marking machine does not produce any harmful chemicals to human body and environment. It is a high-tech product of environmental protection and safety;
  • The equipment is reliable. Laser marking has a mature industrial design. Its performance is stable and reliable, and it can work continuously for 24 hours;
  • Increasing the added value can make the level of product higher;
  • Laser marking can be used to print a lot of data in a very small range. The laser can be engraved with very fine light beam on the product material itself. The precision of printing is very high, and the control is accurate. The content of the spray printing is clearly and perfectly presented. So it has a very strong market competitiveness.
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