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Introduction Of Synrad Laser Tube

The full name of the laser tube is: glass sealed CO2 laser. Because the laser is packaged by glass tube, it is commonly known as laser tube. As a well-known brand, Synrad laser tube price is reasonable.

Working principle: high voltage discharge stimulates high concentration CO2 gas to generate 10.6um laser.

It consists of three parts: hard glass, resonant cavity and electrode.
1. Hard glass part. This component is made of GG17 material, consisted of discharge tube, water cooling sleeve, gas storage sleeve and return air tube. Sealed off CO2 laser is usually made of three layers of bushing. The inner part is the discharge tube, the middle part is the water cooling sleeve, the outer part is the gas storage sleeve, and the return air tube is used to connect the discharge tube and the gas storage tube.
2. Resonator cavity: this component consists of full mirrors and output reflective mirrors. The full  mirrors of the resonant cavity are usually based on optical glass, the surface is gold-plated film. Its reflectivity is more than 98% near 10.6um; and the output mirrors of the resonant cavity usually use the Ge (germanium) as the base, which can transmit the 10.6um radiation. On this base, multiple dielectric layers are  bonded on it .
3. Electrode: CO2 laser usually uses cold cathode, the shape is cylindrical. The selection of cathode material has great influence on the life of laser. The basic requirement for cathode material is: low sputtering rate and small gas absorption rate.

The main specifications of Synrad laser tubes are based on laser power importantly. The common models are: 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 80W.

Different power laser tubes are mainly divided into different lengths. If the 60W laser tube’s length is 1200mm or 1250mm, the 80W  laser tube’s length is usually 1600mm.

The laser tube is mainly used in the Co2 laser processing equipment. Such as laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine and so on. If you want to know more about Synrad laser tube price, why not click our website?

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