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Definition And Working State Of Laser Kr Lamp


The laser kr lamp is used as the light source of laser marking machine, radium carving machine, laser welding machine, laser drilling machine, laser cutting machine and other laser equipment. Laser kr lamp is the most important optical pump source of YAG continuous solid state laser in China. The average lifetime of the domestic laser kr lamp is about 300 hours, while the laser Xenon lamp life is 1000 hours on average.

But what is Xenon lamp? As a common light source of laser equipment, is usually called laser xenon lamp and pulsed xenon lamp. Xenon lamp is a photocell or flashlight filled with xenon. Xenon is chemically inert, unable to burn or combustion. It is a natural rare gas with the largest molecular weight and the highest density. Xenon high-pressure lamps emit very strong ultraviolet radiation, which can be used in medical treatment, spectrographic production and various industrial laser equipment, such as laser welding machine.

 In this case, Φ9X125X270, Φ9 indicates the diameter of xenon lamp, “125” indicates the arc length of a xenon lamp, " 270 " indicates the total length of xenon lamp.

Working State:

The laser kr lamp is ignited and will be in a continuous high output state. When the laser xenon lamp is ignited, if it is not working state, it will be in a low light state. It will flash only in the working state.
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