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Characteristics Of Laser Control Card For CO2 Laser Marking Machine

17 Characteristics Of Laser Control Card For CO2 Laser Marking Machine:

1. Sports modes: it provides two motion modes: batch motion and immediate motion.
2. Small line segment continuous trajectory movement: it provides speed preview pretreatment, achieving small line segment high-speed and smooth continuous trajectory movement.
3. High speed: in order to meet the requirements of high-speed response, the pulse output frequency can reach 2Mpps.
4. Working stroke: the pulse counter ranges from 32 bits (+ 2147483647) symbols.
5. Supporting pipelined encoder: each laser marking machine special control card has 2 circuits of 3-phase (A/B/Z phase) auxiliary encoder input.
6. Anti-interference: all digital input and output use photoelectric isolation to ensure the anti-jamming of the card.
7. Rich general input and output: in addition to the input and output of each axis, it also has 24 universal circuit output (the maximum 500mA driving capacity per circuit output), 18 universal circuit input. The special input, such as origin, limit, deceleration, alarm and so on, can also be set to universal input. At this time, the universal input can reach 35 circuits. The special laser control card of marking machine with interpolation function has 2~4 axis linear interpolation and 2 axis arc interpolation function.
8. Providing event processing function: when the controller receives the following signal: positive limit, negative limit, origin, Z pulse, motion stop, alarm and so on, which will automatically trigger internal events. The user can customize the event himself.
9. Has position comparison and output function. The general output port 1-4 of the special laser control card for marking machine can be set as the position comparison and output port through the interface function. The location comparison source is the instruction pulse or the encoder feedback signal.
10. Has the function of encoder high speed position latching. The laser control card of CO2 laser marking machine can latch 1 or 2 circuit of auxiliary encoder feedback signal.
11. Providing end point validation. The controller automatically performs compensation for end position error.
12. Providing the acceleration and deceleration custom function. If the system provides the trapezium speed and the S shape speed mode can not meet the lifting speed requirements, the user can set up and down speed process according to their needs.
13. Motion controller provides hand pulse input.
14. Has the motion function of the electronic gear.
15. Has a timer function.
16. Has a software limit function.
17. Following the error overlimit alarm function. The maximum following error is set in advance according to the need. When the real time following error exceeds the set value during the motion of the control axis, the laser control card automatically stops the pulse output of the control axis.
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