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The Characteristics And Application Trend Of Solid-State Laser Machine

Solid-state laser machine machine is a laser with solid laser material as the working medium. The working medium is mixed with a small amount of activated ions in the crystal or glass which is regarded as matrix material. This kind of laser has the characteristics of small volume, convenient use and high output power.

Solid-state laser machine uses light as a driving source. The commonly used pulse driving sources are xenon flash lamps; the continuous driving sources include krypton arc lamps, iodine tungsten lamps, and potassium rubidium lamps. Among the small-scale long lifetime lasers, semiconductor light-emitting diodes or sunlight can be used as driving source. Some new solid-state laser machines also have driving sources.

Because only a part of the emission spectrum of the light is absorbed by the working material in the solid-state laser machine, and other wastage, the energy conversion efficiency is not high. In general, the efficiency is between few in a thousand and few percent.

The Characteristics Of Solid-State Laser Machine

Solid state lasers can be used as coherent light sources of large energy and high power. The output power of the ruby pulsed laser can reach the kiloujoule level. The maximum pulse power of the Nd glass laser system of Q-switched and multistage amplification can reache 10 watts. The output power of the yttrium aluminum garnet continuous laser is about hundreds of watts, and the multistage series connection of this can reach up to thousands of kilowatts.

Using the Q-switch technology (light modulation), the solid-state laser machine can obtain short pulses from nanosecond to hundreds of nanoseconds, and it can also obtain the ultra short pulse from picosecond to hundreds of picoseconds by using the mode-locked technique.

Due to the optical inhomogeneity of the work material and other causes, the output of the general solid-state laser machine is multimode lasers. If select some technical measures, such as the working material with optical homogeneity and well-designed resonant cavity, the basic transverse mode (TEM00) laser with the beam divergence angle near the diffraction limit can be obtained, and the single longitudinal mode laser can also be obtained.

The Application Trend Of Solid-State Laser Machine

Solid-state laser machine is widely used in military, processing, medical and scientific research fields. It is often used in distance measurement, tracking, guidance, drilling, cutting and welding, semiconductor material annealing, electronic device micromachining, atmospheric detection, spectroscopy, surgery and ophthalmologic operation, plasma diagnosis, pulse holography, and laser fusion. Solid-state laser machine is also used as the driving source of tunable dye lasers.

The development trend of solid-state laser machine is the diversification of materials and devices, including seeking new working materials with new wavelengths and tunable wavelengths, increasing the conversion efficiency of the laser, increasing the output power, improving the beam quality, compressing pulse width, improving the reliabilit, prolonging the working life, and so on.
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