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Application Of Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine In Mobile Phone Industry

From early traditional mobile phones to today's smart phones, mobile phones have developed from 2G and 3G to the era of 4G. The 5G era phones are going to to be developed and produced.

Now the mobile phone manufacturers has been developing the mobile phones to lighter and thinner. The internal components of the phones are becoming smaller. The precision and the electronic integration is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the internal component welding technology are also getting higher and higher.

For micro parts in mobile phones, the welding quality of traditional welding technology is unstable, which can easily lead to parts melting. So it is difficult to form normal nuggets. The rate of finished welding products is so low. The appearance of laser welding technology has solved these problems for manufacturers of electronic products.

The laser beam processing belongs to non-contact type processing, which has small thermal influence, small machining area and flexible pattern. In the current high-end mobile phone production process, laser welding machine technology has played an essential role in the optimization of the product volume and quality improvement. This technology makes the product lighter, thinner and more stable.
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