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  • 21,05,2019

    The most important criterion for selecting a portable laser power meter is to match the type of optical probe with the expected wavelength range. It is worth mentioning that InGaAs performs well in al...

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  • 18,05,2019

    SummaryPortable laser power meters can be divided into three types from sensors (devices that convert light energy into electrical signals):1. Calorimetry: Its advantages are wide wavelength range, su...

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  • 15,05,2019

    Laser generators are widely used in various products and technologies, and their variety is amazing. From CD players, dental drills, high-speed metal cutting machines to measurement systems, everythin...

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  • 12,05,2019

    Laser generators are classified into many different types. Laser media can be solid, gas, liquid or semiconductor. They are usually classified according to the medium used to emit lasers:1. The lumine...

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  • 09,05,2019

    Laser dimming piece can convert various invisible infrared beams into visible light. It can effectively detect, track, calibrate and recognize infrared beams. It can be used in the near infrared detec...

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  • 06,05,2019

    1. SpeedThe speed of hot stamping actually reflects the contact time between the printer and the hot stamping foil, which directly affects the stamping fastness. If the speed of hot stamping is too fa...

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