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IPG Fiber Laser

IPG Fiber Laser
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YLP Series

High Energy, Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Lasers

Industrial Module Units

The YLP Series is maintenance-free MOPA and Q-switched pulsed Ytterbium fiber lasers designed for OEM applications. These lasers deliver a high power 1.07μm laser beam directly to the work site via a flexible metal-sheathed single mode fiber cable. Collimated, and then typically focused to a spot size of a few microns or less, the near difraction-limited beam can mark, drill or machine a variety of materials. YLP Series provides a wide choice of pulse durations, repetition rates and peak powers. The fiber based design and rugged metal case allow these compact laser modules to operate under industrial shock, vibration, dust and humidity in temperature range from 0°C to 50°C.

Factory sealed YLP lasers can be built directly into micro-machining, material processing and production marking systems with no need for after-instalation service. These lasers require no water-cooling or replacement parts. They can be powered directly from a 24V supply or via an optional laser driver complete with power supply, front panel and RS-232 interface.

kinds of metal and some non-metal material.

Common Parameters

Standard YLP Series Ytterbium laser modules provide a pulsed output beam with average output power from 5 to 100 Watts and pulse width from 80 to 500ns.

Laser output is provided by a 1 to 8 meter (depends on energy per pulse) metal-sheathed optical fiber cable terminated by beam collimator providing a near diffraction limited (M2<2) beam with diameter from 2 to 15mm. Center emission wavelength is in the range of 1060 to 1070nm.

The YLP Series modules provide analogue outputs for laser power, pump diode current and temperature.

All YLP Series lasers utilize broad stripe 1x100m pump diodes operating around 970nm nominal wavelength.

Minimum pump diode reliability is >100,000hrs MTBF at 20°C. All pump diodes are subjected to intensive stress testing at IPG`s facility prior to installation.

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