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Water Chiller for Laser Machine

Water Chiller for Laser Machine
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The chiller is designed for laser marker with 50W, 75W and 100W.

Feature of Water Chiller for Laser Machine

1. Compact design,convenient for installation and operation;

2. All refrigeration components are international brand,the water temperature stability is 0.3℃~±0.5℃;

3. Use famous electric fan, which ensure big air volume, low noise and long life;

4. The water cycling system is consisted of stainless steel pump with instant flow and high lift, stainless water tank and PVC connectors.

5. Equipped with flow switch which can output protect signal.

6. LCD display temperature controller,with multiple function setting and error alarming; one button (On/Off switch) operation, default setting will be automatically loaded by memory.


Water Chiller for Laser Marking Machine
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