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STC0606C Laser Cutting Machines

STC0606C Laser Cutting Machines
STC0606C Laser Cutting Machines
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1. The machine comes with overall casting structure, high accuracy and stability which can effectively eliminate the vibration generated during high-speed cutting;

2. Dual ball screws, dual-motor drive system, high-speed arc cutting function;

3. Automatic lubrication system, maintenance-free transmission components, and the ability to cut corrosive materials;

4. Possessing the power, frequency and speed following function effectively reduces yellowing result of corners cutting.


Technical Parameter


STC0606C (with camera shooting CCD)


High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Working area


Laser type

Fiber laser generator

Laser power(optional)


Lubrication system


Drive system

Gantry double lead screws drive

Position accuracy


Reposition positioning accuracy


Maximum speed


Maximum accelerated speed

1.2 G

General power

Around 25KW

Power supply

380V/50Hz/60Hz three phase

Net dimension

2000×1680×2000 mm

Gross weight


Compatible formats

CAD, DXF, etc.

Working environment

0-40℃ humidity≤ 80%,no condensation


All kinds of thin layer non-metal material, cell phone accessories, touch screen material, 3M paper, PET, PS, PETE etc.


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