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Laser Cleaning Equipment for Removal of Titanium Alloy Skin from Anode Plate in Water Treatment

There are various ways to clean the oxide surface of titanium alloy anode plate in traditional industry, mostly by chemical agents and mechanical methods. The traditional cleaning method pollutes the environment greatly, and the traditional cleaning method mostly uses the mechanical way, which has great damage to the cleaned goods. The operation process is tedious, time-consuming and labor-consuming, and the efficiency is low.

Suntec has laser cleaning for sale, which is used to remove the surface of titanium alloy oxide skin of water treatment anode plate, including box body, fan, roller, regulator and door. The lower part of the box body is provided with a fan in the inner part of the roller box, and the upper part of the fan body is provided with a laser generator, which includes a mobile power supply, an optical pump and a voltage regulator. A mobile power supply is arranged above the regulator, and an optical pump is arranged at the position of the box body near the mobile power supply. Beneficial effect: No chemical agent and cleaning liquid are needed. Waste after cleaning is solid powder. It is small in size and easy to store. It can be recycled and has a waste cleaning function. It can easily solve the environmental pollution problems caused by chemical cleaning. It uses non-contact cleaning to ensure the surface integrity of the items being cleaned. It has the advantages of high efficiency, saving time, lower running cost, more reasonable structure design, convenient movement and strong practicability.
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