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Advantages of Energy Feedback Optical Fiber Transmission

Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine transmits the laser output through the laser output coupler into the optical fiber for transmission, and then focuses on the workpiece through the laser output system.

Advantages of Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine:

1.Laser is transmitted by total reflection in optical fibers. In the transmission process, a long enough fiber will homogenize the uneven position of the spot, so that the spot we get at the output end of the fiber will be a uniform spot. Whether the laser output is elliptical or defective, theoretically long enough optical fibers can homogenize the spot into the circular spot we need. Therefore, the first advantage of optical fiber output is spot homogenization.

2.We mentioned that laser has thermal lens effect, which can change the diffusive angle of the laser beam. If the laser is output by hard optical path, the focal length of the laser is changed. In order to reduce this change, the hard optical output is usually focused after beam expansion. If the laser is output by optical fibers, the divergence angle of the laser depends only on the numerical aperture NA of the optical fibers (the small dispersion and loss are not considered), and the focus of the laser output is constant.

3.Fiber-optic transmission laser welding machine realizes soft connection by using the flexibility of optical fibers. Laser can be output to any place where welding is needed. It cooperates with six-axis manipulator or welding galvanometer to realize continuous laser welding of complex spatial curves to meet the needs of customers.

4. Optical fiber laser welding machine can output multiple optical fibers, which can realize energy splitting which means the laser energy output from the laser is equally distributed to each output fiber. It can also achieve time splitting, which means laser energy is output to each optical fiber in turn according to different time intervals, and laser welding at different time and different positions can be realized. Welding machine can also be used at different positions of a machine at different times. Different workstations use the same machine for welding at different times, which saves the cost of equipment for customers.
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